Event Lighting Basics by Guest Blogger John Farr

John Farr, the namesake of John Farr Lighting Design is a member of the PARTY FAVORITES PORTFOLIO.  We selected John to be part of the PARTY FAVORITES PORTFOLIO because other special event professionals as well as his clients rave about his ability to take event decor to a new level with his lighting expertise and creativity.

I was greatly excited when the Party Favorites team suggested that I join the blog and share my experiences on the subject of Lighting.  I have extensive experience with lighting and lighting installation at a vast array of special event venues. Lighting using long lasting LED lights has become my passion.  I believe that that fixture selection and the installation process are very important considerations when planning your event. Lets look at some lighting options for your special event :

ELLIPSOIDAL (LEKOS)  No other light offers such optical brilliance. Ellipsoidals give you a clean white beam for unequaled imaging, crisp pattern projection, and a bright, even field for ultra-crisp, high-contrast gobo projections. Color is added later.

GOBOS  So what are these Gobos that people talk about? A Gobo is generally a metal disc that is placed inside an ellipsoidal fixture and then projected on to a surface. They also come in black & white glass and full color glass.

Gobos enhance event design by creating great visuals on walls, floors, backdrops and other scenic elements. They can even be used in place of scenery. Gobos can be created from an image of most anything- names, event logos, monograms, photos etc.  They are a blank palette for your design elements.  The appearance of the image can be affected and/or enhanced through the use of color filters and the angle and focus of the light being used, allowing for additional design flexibility.

In the following photo, Gobos were used to create a “breakup Pattern” of the number 25 as this event was commemorating the client's 25th anniversary. We also added the client's logo below the star video projection screen (Yes! we did that too!) with a gobo of the award they were being honored with.

UPLIGHTING  Uplighting is another word you may hear used in reference to event lighting. Uplighting is just what it says it is - light of any color that is focused UP onto something. It could be focused on a wall, a ceiling, or an object -ie: columns, vases, statues etc. We also sometimes uplight tent ceilings with ellipsoidals and gobo patterns. Here are some great examples of UPLIGHTING-

Below is an example of Uplighting a tent ceiling with color. You may have seen this photo on another web page. but I assure you that all of the photos used in my FAVORITE THINGS guest blog posts as well as my website are lighting designs that John Farr Lighting Design has produced.

 This last photo is a good example of ellipsoidal, custom gobo, uplighting and color use all together.  Lighting possibilities are endless.



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