Be a Guest for Nitin & Rachna’s Wedding Ceremony…by Guest Blogger Tom Trainor

Today's guest blogger is Tom Trainor of Suburban Video.  Suburban Video is a member of the PARTY FAVORITES PORTFOLIO.  We selected Suburban Video as PARTY FAVORITES PORTFOLIO member because although Bill Bowen and his team been capturing DC-area events on film for 25 years, their work remains some of the freshest and most current in the industry.

There are many facets to the union of Nitin & Rachna’s wedding, beginning with how Nitin & Rachna met and the love that they feel for each other.  The “love story” video shoot was held at the charming Senate Park among the blooming flowers on the West Capital grounds in the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue on a beautiful warm sunny day with the Nation’s Capital as the backdrop.  It was a fun photo shoot! Just before they were introduced into the room, their “love story” was projected on two of Suburban Video’s theater style screens in the new ballroom.  The bride and groom were grandly introduced as husband and wife to a standing ovation.

Suburban Video was able to capture images from each part of this magnificent Indian wedding.  The first day of celebration was the engagement party at the Ritz-Carlton at Tysons Corner, Virginia.  Colorful costumes abounded as choreographed dances and vocal routines filled the atmosphere by siblings, family and friends.  The parents of Rachna and Nitin hosted each of the traditional five-day ceremonial activities, beginning with the Sangeet on August 8, 2009, which is a pre-wedding ceremony where the women all gather to sing and dance, allowing the two families to bond.  The next celebration was the Ganesh Pooja and Lagan Patrika on August 25, 2009, hosted by Nitin’s family, the Goels.  On the same day, Rachna’s mother Manju hosted the Mehandi celebration for her daughter.  This beautiful artwork of henna, that is applied to the bride’s skin, traditionally includes working in the groom’s name on her somewhere, and the groom is supposed to find it somewhere on his bride!

The beautiful five-day wedding culminated at a reception at the gorgeous Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Golf Resort and Marina on August 29, 2009.  The wedding ceremony includes the Baraat, where guests dance and celebrate Nitin’s journey on Mini the elephant to his wedding where he is greeted by Rachna’s mother.  After the beautiful ceremony, which was held outside, a cocktail session concluded with an amazing firework display.  At the reception, the bride and groom were grandly introduced as husband and wife to a standing ovation after seeing this stunning video showing their love for each other.  The Vidal, which is the next celebration, marks the end of the marriage ceremony. It is one of the most emotional moments for it is the formal departure of the bride from her parents' home to her groom’s. As a symbol of prosperity and wealth Rachna throws rice over her head onto her parents which also signifies her gratitude for all they have given to her as she bids farewell.  Rachna and Nitin board the yacht and sail off under the moonlight.

This magnificent event couldn’t have been possible without Srinu & Amy Regeti of Regeti Photography, Prabha Bhambri for her talent behind the decor, Jag Singh with Moghul Catering.

Videographer and Producer: Bill and Cara Bowen; Videographers:  Ian Sitek, Tom Trainor; Editor:  Chris Lucarelli.

So as not to spoil the ending of any good movie, click the link and watch their day unfold before you!


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