Escort Card & Placecards (Part 2) by Guest Blogger Danielle Couick

Today's Guest Blogger, Danielle Couick, is a member of the Jodi Moraru & Associates (JMA) team.  Danielle brings more than 10 years of experience in the food and events industry, including 5 years as a Senior Wedding and Event Consultant at Windows Catering Company to JMA.  Jodi praises Danielle's out of the box thinking, creativity, and organizational skills.  Danielle works with both her own JMA clients as well as with Jodi's clients. 

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Over the past 10 years I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some pretty creative people who share the knack for thinking outside of the box. Not only are they creative, but they are pretty darn crafty! Some I’d say could give Martha a run for her money on any given day. I’ve had a few “favor”ites over the years, and what I loved about these is that they tied their theme, their culture, their hobbies, anything that reflected who they are, into their escort cards. Their escort cards and placecards served two purposes, not only to inform the waitstaff of dinner selection but also an added element of design or personal touch.

For this wedding, the theme for my bride was “Double Happiness”, she folded paper cranes for each person and we created a curly willow tree. Guests found their crane and headed to their table where their name was tied on to their chair. They received a blue ribbon for one entrée or a white ribbon for another.

When I first met with this client they gave me a ton to work with! She worked for a newspaper and he was a huge reader! They also chose to be married in a public library. For their escort cards and favors (huge fan of double purpose) we covered books with a purple book cloth to tie in their colors, labeled each book by letter and each person received a custom bookmark with their name printed at the top. The tables were named after their favorite subjects and topics and their centerpieces incorporated actual books on each topic. Also, instead of a traditional guest book they had their guests write wishes on library cards (leftover from their save the dates) and file them into an old school card catalog! They later made an album of their memories and wishes!

It is said that anyone that folds 1000 paper cranes will have their wishes come true. The father of the bride for this particular wedding took it one step further and folded a garden of cranes, flowers, a bridge, a temple and even a bride a groom! The brides paper veil even reflected the red flowers embroidered into the brides actual hair piece! The leaves and wings informed our guests of which table they would be joining. The garden was surrounded by additional origami double happiness symbols and other wishes of luck.

Every now and again I am lucky enough to come across a client that will completely catch me off guard. There are certain people that possess a gene that allows them to be super crafty, this bride floored me.  I once again had a set of book lovers so we ran with it. Their save the dates, book marks that read “You’re Booked!...” Their escort cards were library cards, each one individually typed with last name, first initial, table name (a book of course!)  and stamped with a check out date of their wedding day. Once you arrived at your seat, your napkin was wrapped by a coordinating band with your name neatly printed in the middle. The handmade/custom menu cards each had a different colored bow reflecting your entrée choice. The back of each menu card reflected a personal note to each guests thanking them for celebrating in their special day! Don’t get me wrong- details like these take time, effort and work but the results are amazing and unique- just like you!

Life is an event, so celebrate!

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