The Perfect Dancer by Guest Blogger Brian Wasser

Today's Guest Blogger is Brian Wasser of Electric Entertainment.  Electric Entertaintaiment is a member of our PARTY FAVORITES PORTFOLIO.  We are so impressed with Electric Entertainment.  Partners Geoff Sokol and Brian Wasser specialize in Mitzvahs and seem to know exactly what DC-area tweens AND their parents want from an entertainment company.

A few years ago, the biggest question I always got from clients was "If I have such a great MC who is always on the dance floor, what do I need dancers for?"  Recently, though, as dancers have become mainstream and vital to any celebration, that question has faded in importance.  However, the concept is still important. Understanding what great dancers add to a party will help you determine how many dancers you should have and what style of dancers are best for your vision of the party.

In my opinion, dancers should complement the energy of your MC.  A great dancer can command a crowd in his or her own right, using follow-me moves to engage the crowd, dazzle with amazing dance moves, or be an energetic "party starter" to get the most timid to the dance floor.  A great dancer is also aware that you and your child are the most important stars of the party.  Every once in a while, it's great to let talented dancers "show off" because it provides intrigue on the dance floor, which naturally gets people there.  Once they are there, captivating energy keeps them entertained!  Dancers shouldn't put on a show: you could turn on America's Best Dance Crew or So You Think You Can Dance if you just wanted to watch someone else perform. The best dancers have a natural ability to be so magnetic and engaging that they encourage your guests to dance with them, not watch them.

But how many is enough?  The "industry standard" is roughly 1 dancer for every 20 or 25 kids.  This is a pretty good estimate, but is not an absolute rule.  The formula is simple: the more great dancers you have at a party, the more professionals there are to entertain and engage your crowd.  Moreover, dancers are great for crowd control, helping pass out giveaways, escorting the family for introductions, or even Grandpa to the dance floor for the Motzi.  I also recommend having a mixed-gender collection of dancers.  This lets both boys and girls have someone with which to connect on a personal level.

The reason for dancers is simple, as well.  We are always drawn to something exciting or attention-grabbing.  Think about it: any time we see a group of people outside, or congregating at the mall, or running over to someone, we always ask ourselves "What's going on?!  I have to see it!" Dancers give us that incentive, because they are trained to be outgoing, energetic, and larger than life.  By being proactive party-starters, as opposed to reactive, they know how to start a party and keep it going, rather than wait for it to start itself.  The ability to entertain your guests, actively engage them, and entice everyone to want to join in the fun is really what the perfect dancer can do.  They make all the difference in the world.


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