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As an event planner with 20 years of experience, Jackie James knows that even after months of planning and countless hours considering every last detail, you need to expect the unexpected and anticipate all potential event adorable flower girl spills juice on her dress (before photos), a groomsman nicks himself shaving (and his face is gushing blood), or a bridesmaid's dress that won't stay up (even after expensive alterations).  These are just a few of the situations which inspired Jackie to create Mojuba Wedding, her luxury line of chic yet practical wedding emergency bags.

The Mojuba Wedding line features stylish emergency bags for both the bride and the groom.  Each sophisticated style is filled with a fabulous collection of last minute items that brides and grooms may need on their wedding day to avoid a crisis.  They are truly "save the day" bags.

The Mojuba Bride bag is an elegantly styled bag with a built in mirror. Some of the 35 emergency item's you will find in this bride's bag of tricks include a Madame Paulette couture Stain Removal Kit, Bug Catcherz Fashion Tape to keep clothes in place, Dancin' Feet to cushion sore feet, Ms. Manicure Nail Files, Krazy Glue, Static Guard and so much more.  Post-wedding, it makes a fabulous travel bag since life's little emergencies can happen anywhere.  Take a look inside the Mojuba Bride's bag...

The Mojuba Groom Bag is a handsome, sleek messenger-style bag filled with 26 must-haves for men.  They include a shave kit with a styptic pencil for nicks, a Gilchrist & Soames Sewing Kit with a pre-threaded needle and shoe shine wipes.  The Mojuba Groom bag converts to a briefcase for post wedding use and the groom's kit includes a dopp case for travel.  Take a look at the Mojuba Groom from the outside...

and check out all of the fabulous products it contains...

"Mojuba" is a South African term which translates to "bag of magic that brings joy and happiness" and these bags will truly bring you joy and happiness when you are able to avert a last minute mishap on your wedding day. Personally, I think Mojuba bags make thoughtful gifts for showers or engagements.  Although Jackie primarily promotes Mojuba bags to brides and grooms, I also think they are perfect for Mitzvah moms who are dealing with the same potential disasters on on the day of their child's big event.

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xoxo  lisa

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