Syzygy and the White House Breast Cancer Ribbon

When The White House calls you just don’t say “no”…even if it is Thursday night and they say they want a 3 story pink ribbon hung on the front of the building by Monday morning!

We accepted our national duty with pride and our team dove right in getting the frame from the previous year’s AIDS ribbon whipped back into shape. We rush shipped the new pink materials which were immediately sewn into a 50ft ribbon, complete with pockets for the frame and rigging materials.

As usual our amazing team pulled it all together and come Monday morning there was a ready-to-hang Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon loaded in the back of our truck and on its way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Our IDs were checked, our truck was sniffed and our crew was on the front drive of the White House in no time. The rigging team was taken to the roof to secure the main hanging points, while on the ground we set about laying out the giant pink ribbon. We secured all the base lines in anticipation and waited for the OK from the roof.

The ribbon was ready to be raised and the press was let onto the lawn. The pressure was on! The ribbon was lifted flawlessly into the air, and very carefully secured to the columns. It was adjusted until it met the standard of perfection we have set for ourselves with the last two ribbons.  Tied off and checked over, we were satisfied it would last for its 3 days of fame.   After a few snapshots we reluctantly left the White House grounds and went back to Gaithersburg.

Another successful Ribbon Raising.


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