a FAVORITE Mitzvah Lounge Idea by Guest Blogger Terri Bergman

Today's guest blogger is Terri Bergman of Terri Bergman Events. Terri is a member of our Party Favorite's Portfolio. We selected Terri Bergman Events for our Party Portfolio because of Terri's experience, knowledge and creativity. We love her "do whatever it takes" attitude.

Love doing the lounge seating for the Mitzvahs!  Who wants to sit at a table when you can party and dance and just have fun!  But who wants to trip over the shoes and jackets that get thrown onto the floor as the kids make a mad dash for the dance floor?  Then no one comes home with the right shoes and jacket...if they come back at all!

photos by Clay & Co. via Terri Bergman Events

My solution is to incorporate bookshelves into the lounge décor for the kids.  You can be creative in the placement..and then the bookshelves can be used as cubbies for everyone’s belongings.  It will not look like lockers or storage bins, but will enhance the décor and keep everyone’s shoes and jackets off the floor and easy to find at the end of a party!

xoxo Terri

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