10 FAVORITE THINGS by Jodi Moraru of Jodi Moraru & Associates

Meet event planner Jodi Moraru of Jodi Moraru & Associates.  Jodi is a member of our PARTY FAVORITES PORTFOLIO.

  1. Describe yourself in 3 words...Fun, Energetic, Enthusiastic
  2. If I weren't in the special events industry I would be a dance choreographer.
  3. What do you love about your job?  I love that every day and every event and client are unique. Makes it fun to get up in the morning because each moment is fresh.
  4. Three "must haves" when working an event are...Water, Tool Box, & Timeline
  5. Last book I read...Currently reading Elegance of a Hedgehog
  6. If I could have one "superpower" it would be...the ability to have EVERYONE see the positive side in any situation.
  7. The TV character I am most like is...I don’t watch much tv – usually only the Food Network or HBO.
  8. Favorite things to do in my free time are...Trapeeze, work out, spend time with my husband and kids, trying all the new restaurants and bars out.
  9. Favorite color...Orange
  10. One last random thing you shoud know...I wake up every day feeling very blessed by my life.

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a FAVORITE...Personalized Parasols

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