a FAVORITE...Personalized Parasols

I was never a huge fan of wedding Parasols until I saw these Personalized Parasols from Customized Wedding Creations.  Needless to say, these Personalized Parasols are now definitely one of my wedding FAVORITES! 
Take a look...

I absolutely love the idea of using these Personalized Parasols in your wedding photos...

all photos via Customized Wedding Creations

Customized Wedding Creations offers both Rice Paper and Nylon Parasols.  In addition to providing great photo opportunities, your bridesmaids can carry them down the aisle instead of flowers or several parasols could be placed along your aisle for your ceremony decor. 

For so much more "customized inspiration" or to order these fabulous parasols for your own wedding, visit the Customized Wedding Creations website - http://customizedweddingcreations.net.


xoxo  lisa

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