PIPE and DRAPE… We’ve Got You Covered By So Much More! By Guest Bloggers Jodi Moraru and Danielle Couick

One of the very first steps in planning every event is deciding on a location. Some venues come with a beautiful natural backdrop of trees and Mother Nature, others are more industrial with cement and exposed pipes, or perhaps you love the over the top crystal chandeliers and intricate detail of the historical ballroom.

Whatever the space may be, every event has different needs and a different flow. Seemingly the “go-to” fix for softening, dividing, covering, hiding or accentuating space has been pipe and drape. Pipe and drape comes in so many different colors, textures and weights which makes it an incredibly affordable and versatile product.

Some of the ways we’ve used pipe and drape in the past…

1. Creating a grand lead into something spectacular!
2. As a backdrop to focus the eye on, rather than a drab or uninteresting wall.
3. To give a blank canvas to shine a custom gobo on.
4. As a sound barrier to soften a raw space for the band.
5. Create more intimated spaces within a space to allow flow progressively throughout the night.

However, let’s get fresh people!  Draping is great and necessary in many instances, but there are so many different types of materials that can be used which are interesting and give pop to a room. One of the many talents the girls here at JMA possess is the ability to create every detail to flow with the goal and concept of your theme. Here are some of the more unique concepts we’ve created with “taking it to the next level” in mind.

1. For a hard/industrial feel go with large chains like to give more texture to a wall.
2. If you think strands of “Christmas” lights are a thing just for the holidays- why not do strands of vintage light bulbs. There’s an idea! They come in an array of colors also.
3. Oversized frames - use them as space dividers and think of it as stepping from one area to another. Frames of different shapes, sizes or colors can be hung at varying heights and depths to create an incredible display of texture or illusion. You can hang them, leave them on the floor, use various sizes, stack them… possibilities are endless.
4. Ropes– think thick heavy sailing ropes! You could go Nautical, Organic or even Gym Time!  If someone wants a work out they can try and climb them.
5. PVC piping – create your own art installation with PVC piping.  Very cool and functional.
6. Rain curtains –they are back as far as I am concerned and used in conjunction with jewel tone draping – you get one multi layered effect that is totally eye popping. Add lighting as a third dimension for an over the top display.
7. Are you having a paint or craft party? Stack paint cans: keep them silver for a polished look, customize the label for a personalize touch or cover them in colored stock to coordinate with your theme.

Whatever your theme or concept may be, there is always a way to take your event to the next level! Remember… Life is an event! So Celebrate!

Jodi & Danielle

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