The Mitzvah Music Mix by Guest Blogger Geoff Sockol

Today's Guest Blogger is Geoff Sockol of Electric Entertainment.  Electric Entertaintaiment is a member of our PARTY FAVORITES PORTFOLIO.  We are so impressed with Electric Entertainment.  Partners Geoff Sokol and Brian Wasser specialize in Mitzvahs and seem to know exactly what DC-area tweens AND their parents want from an entertainment company.

So often, I hear the question "How can you keep both adults and kids entertained together?"  My philosophy has always been simple: if you're paying to have both kids and adults at the party, you might as well let them both enjoy the fun!  The best way to keep a dance floor packed with both kids and adults is personal interaction and the proper mix of music.
Your DJ should be trained not only in the hot music for today, but also in music throughout the decades that makes for great party and dance music.  Above and beyond that, though, a DJ's timing is essential for the continuous mix.  Believe it or not, kids these days are much more familiar with older music than they ever have been, thanks for the internet, iTunes, etc.  We often mix classics like "Sweet Caroline" and "Don't Stop Believing" into high energy dance sets, and the kids know all the words just like the adults do!  On the other hand, many of your adult guests, especially those with kids, and very familiar with today's current hits.  Also, music these days is very dance oriented, with artists like Lady GaGa, Black Eyed Peas, and Miley Cyrus pumping out high energy hits that replaced the slower, hip-hop oriented music of a few years ago.  As a result, adults get into this kind of music just like the kids, because the beats are infectious!  Hiring a DJ that understands how to mix some old classics with new hits will keep kids and adults both on the dance floor.
When you combine a properly mixed music selection with interactive energy from an MC and dancers, the dance floor stays crowded.  Our DJs also understand the psychology of a party.  For instance, the Hora is a great song that brings everyone to the dance floor, but it's the song after the Hora that's most important.  You need a song that keeps the kids entertained, but also one that most adults will enjoy dancing to.  Lady GaGa's "Just Dance" is a great song that accomplishes both of those goals, but another great idea is a new dance remix of an older song, like the two 80's classics I mentioned earlier.  A DJ that understands this psychology and knows when and how to intertwine new and old music is imperative to a great party.
When sitting down and meeting with your MC, explain the styles of music you and your family are most into.  But also, consider the rest of your guests and what kinds of music they might be into, as well.  I try to talk to the guests of honor and explain them that their friends want to have fun, too.  For instance, if your son is a heavy metal type of guy, he might want that music played at his party.  Your MC should be able to explain to him that heavy metal is hard to dance to, and many of the guests might not be as much of a fan as he is.  When your MC grabs the attention and respect of your child, he will understand that it's equally important to play music he likes and music that makes for a great party.  I often suggest playing some of your child's non-dancing favorites during dinner or cocktail hour, so he or she still gets to hear them, but at a time where dancing isn't at the utmost importance.
Regardless of your personal music tasts, having a DJ that properly understands how, when, and why to mix certain songs will lead to a non-stop party that no one will want to end.

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