Escort Cards vs. Place Cards

Escort Cards vs. Place Cards - Is there a difference?  Yes!  Although the terms are often confused, there is a difference between Escort Cards and Place Cards.

Escort Cards are used to direct guests to their tables.  They feature your guest's name and their table assignment.  You can stick with very tradtional escort cards or you can let your imagination run wild and incorporate your event theme into your escort cards and their display.

Place Cards are placed on the table at your guest's actual seat.  Most of the events I have been to recently have chosen to use Escort Cards without Place Cards.  To be honest, it can be challenging enough to create tables, let alone to figure out exactly where you want your guests to sit at those tables.  Personally (although Emily Post may disagree) I think it is fine to do whatever you feel the most comfortable with.  It's your party!

Photos courtesy of Images by Cathy, Beau-coup, The Knot, Kate Aspen, Marlyss & Stacey

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