Whether you are planning a Wedding, Bar/Bat mitzvah, Shower or Sweet 16, here are 5 finishing touches to personalize your event.

1. Label Your Tables. Most events have tables #1, 2 & 3 but wouldn't it be so much more fun to have tables named Paris, Rio, London and all of the other places that you have visited if you are an avid traveller. Or how about naming tables after your all-time favorite movies if you are a movie buff. The possiblities are endless. Another twist on this idea... You can number the tables but each table # could feature a different photo of the guest(s) of honor.

2. Signature Cocktails(or Mocktails) named after the guest of honor. For example, at a recent Bar Mitzvah we had a "Mocktail Bar" for the tween set which featured 4 signature drinks. Each drink was named after something that was inportant to the Bar Mitzvah boy. For example, he vacationed in Jamaica every year so we had a "Jamaican Me Crazy" fruit punch and he went to summer camp at Camp Skylemar so we had "Skylamar-tinis".  This idea can easily be adapted for a Wedding or Shower.

3. Cocktail Napkins. My biggest pet peeve is going to an event and being served a drink with the venue's cocktail napkin. Order custom cocktail napkins (from PARTY FAVORITES of course) to match your color scheme and imprint them with your logo, name(s) or monogram.

4. Photofetti. Photos are the greatest way to personalize any event. With Photofetti you can use several different photos of the guest(s) of honor.   Photofetti is perfect to sprinke around centerpieces, buffet tables, bars, and cocktail tables. Click here to visit Photofetti

5. Custom Postage. Create custom stamps from a service such as Zazzle or Stamps.com for your invitation. Use a photo, monogram or logo - be creative. As soon as your guests receive their invitations they will notice the thought and creativity you are putting into your event.

xoxo lisa


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