10 Places to Use Your Bar/Bat Mitzvah Logo

I am a big believer that a fabulous Bar or Bat Mitzvah logo will inspire your event design and tie together all of your finishing touches.  At PARTY FAVORites, we work with our clients to create these fabulous logos and then use them to create the finishing touches that pull the party design together.

What can you do with your logo?  Here are a few ideas:

1.    Imprint your logo on your Party Favors.
2.    Use your logo on your placecards.
3.    Incorporate your logo on your table numbers.
4.    Have your lighting designer create a custom GOBO with your logo and project it on the dance floor or above the band or DJ.
5.    Put you logo on custom cookies (Party Favorites carries a fabulous custom cookie line) and serve them with dessert.
6.    Create M&Ms with your logo in your event colors.  Use them in candy bars, as favors, or as a topping on an ice cream sundae bar.
7.    Customize your cocktail napkins with your logo.
8.    Use your logo on your Sign-In Board.
9.    Print your logo on shirts for your catering staff to wear at your event.
10.  Print your logo on your menus.

Do you have any other ideas about where to use an event logo?  We would love to hear them.

xoxo  lisa

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