EMOTIONAL MAPS from Laura Hooper

Event map extrordinaire, Laura Hooper, came up with a new twist on her unique wedding maps - an "Emotional Map". Created as a Save The Date for a wedding, this "life map" features the bride and groom's separate journeys growing up until they met, and then it illustrates their courtship, engagement and wedding plans. It highlights her client's accomplishments as individuals and as a couple, and it also incorporates their interests and hobbies. Absolutely brilliant!

I can see this concept working not only for weddings but for Bar/Bat Mitzvah Save The Dates or even Baby Shower invitations. For more information on these unique "life maps" or Laura Hooper's more traditional directional maps, visit her website www.lhcalligraphy.com and her blog www.luckyorchidwedding.blogspot.com

xoxo  lisa

a FAVORite...Images by Cathy