Place Card Problems By Guest Blogger Terri Bergman

Today's guest blogger is Terri Bergman of TLB Events. Terri is a member of the Party Favorite's Party Portfolio. We selected TLB Events as a member of our Party Portfolio because of Terri's experience, knowledge and creativity. We love her "do whatever it takes" attitude. Clients say she not intimidating and very easy to work with. Following are Terri's thoughts on a common place card problem...

You would not believe how many party guests forget to pick up their place cards during a cocktail hour and then walk into a reception and have no idea where they are seated. This typically will happen when the event is held on multiple levels in a venue.

When guests move from cocktails to another location for dinner and dancing, I tend to notice that several people usually leave their place cards behind or never take them in the first place. A quick remedy to this situation is to quickly move the stray cards to the dinner location and either have the wait staff hand them out on silver trays or set up a small table as quickly as you can to display the cards that were left behind. In case of emergency (ie. a place card is lost or missing), always be prepared with a place card list so you can verbally tell a guest where they are seated. Unexpected situtations like this magnify the value of having a quick thinking event planner on-site!

My years of experience as an event planner has taught me that if an event is on multiple levels or being held in various areas of a venue, it is best to position your place cards at the location where your guests will end up after cocktails for the party. Your “place card table” can become a stunning entrance table as your guests arrive.

The moral of this story is to plan ahead and be prepared for problems before they arrive. If you choose to use a planner, hire an experienced planner who can anticipate challenges and resolve them before you or any of your guests realize an issue or problem exists.

xoxo  terri

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