Dressing Up Your Table With Linens

When it comes to linens, the options are endless. While most venues offer clients simple white linens at no extra charge, the upgrade options can be overwhelming. Whether you choose to upgrade your linens through your venue, your party planner, your decor company or by contracting a linen rental company on your own, here are a few "industry-standard" linen terms to help you sort through your options.

photo via Wildflower Linen

POLYCOTTON - These linens are available in a rainbow of colors and are great for use on food stations and other utility tables.

LAMOUR - These are a shinier, satin-like linen and are softer to the touch than POLYCOTTON. These are the most common upgrade linen.

BENGALINE - This fabric has thin ribbing that runs in one direction (similar to corduroy, but with a different texture). Looks great on larger tables because it helps give the table an added element of depth.

BICHON - These are shiny like a lamour, but have a "wrinkly" texture. Bichon is a more delicate fabric and therefore costs more than some of the other luxury linens.

PINTUCK - These linens have seams that run accros the fabric, creating diamond or square patterns. These add instant glamour to any table, though it can be difficult to balance certain glassware on them depending on the width of the seams.

The information posted above is courtesy of the fabulous Blue Orchid Designs - www.blueorchidblog.com

It is hard to translate the detail of each type of linen in a swatch photo, but here are a few swatches to give you a better idea of each type listed above.  And remember, these are just a few of the more common types of linens, your options are really limitless.

Clockwise - Pintuck, Bengaline, Lamour (Satin), Bichon

a FAVORite...Tabletop Design from Wildflower Linens

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