Secrets of the Event Industry...LIGHTING

"Do we really need to hire a lighting company?" is a question I hear all of the time from brides and mitzvah moms alike.  Most people in the midst of their planning think that a great florist or a creative decor company is all they need to create a fabulous venue, but the truth is that great lighting is a key to the WOW factor. 

Wedding Ace Laura of Blue Canary Events in Los Angeles posted a great piece on Lighting yesterday on the Wedding Aces blog.  CLICK HERE to take a look - here before and after shots really illustrate the point.

There are many lighting companies in the DC area who specialize in special events.  One of our FAVORITES is Digital Lighting.  Alysha DiGiorgio at Digital Lighting is an expert at lighting social events and can work with you to create the biggest WOW factor for your budget. 

xoxo  lisa

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