Invitation Etiquette - Part 1

When addressing your invitations, keep in mind the following "rules" of etiquette...

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When addressing men...

Mr. refers to all men over the age of 18.

Master refers to boys under the age of 8.

What about boys between the ages of 8 and 18? They don't need a formal title but it is okay to use Mr.

Trick Question: How do you address two or more brothers on the same envelope?
Answer: Messrs.

When addressing women...

Ms. refers to a woman over the age of 21 but not married or a married woman who has kept her maiden name.

Miss refers to an unmarried woman under the age of 21.

Mrs. refers to married women who  has taken her husband's name.

Trick Question:  How do you address two or more sisters on the same envelope?
Answer: Misses

And just to clarify...Divorced women who go by their married names and widows fall under the "Mrs." category.  Divorced women who go back to their maiden names should be addressed as Ms.

Tune in tomorrow for Invitation Etiquette-Part 2.

xoxo  lisa

Invitation Etiquette - Part 2

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