Invitation Etiquette - Part 2

Just a few things regarding invitation etiquette that we did not cover yesterday...

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On formal invitations, do not use abbreviations for words like Street, Drive, or Court.  Cities and states should not be abbreviated either.  Abbreviations are considered appropriate for informal invitations.

The Rules of 10:  Street numbers under 10 should be written out - One, Two, Three, etc.  Numbered Street names should be written out if they are under 10 ie. First Street vs. 25th Street

If there is an apartment number, it should go on it's own line between the street address and the city,state,zip.  Also, the word Apartment should be written out, not abbreviated.

When addressing couples, the word "and" refers to marriage.
A married couple would be addressed as
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hanks

An unmarried couple would be addressed as
Ms. Angelina Jolie
Mr. Brad Pitt
The names should be in alphabetical order and the word "and" should not be used

Adults who are not romantically linked but living at the same address should each receive their own invitations.

Doctor should not be abbreviated on formal invitations but it may be abbreviated on informal invitations

Please keep in mind the these rules are only a guide and ultimately the decision about how to address your envelopes is up to you.  There are several etiquette resources available including Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette, Crane's Wedding Blue Book, and Amy Vanderbilt's Complete Book of Etiquette.  Your calligrapher should also be able to offer advice.

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