The Value of a Party Planner from Guest Blogger Terri Bergman

Today's guest blogger is Terri Bergman of TLB Events.  Terri is a member of the Party Favorite's Party Portfolio.  We selected TLB Events as a member of our Party Portfolio because of Terri's experience, knowledge and creativity.  We love her "do whatever it takes" attitude.  Clients say she not intimidating and very easy to work with.  Following are Terri's thoughts on the value of a Party Planner...

The special events industry has definitely been affected by today's economic climate. People seem to be  scaling back and looking more economical approaches to hosting events. Often people believe that a party planner is the first thing they can "cut" when scaling back.  The internet has provided an affordable and sometimes more advantageous method of obtaining products such as favors, accessories and décor.  Despite this fact, there is still a significant value in obtaining the services of a party planner for your event…whether it be a wedding, Mitzvah or other celebration.

One of the primary roles of a seasoned planner is to negotiate pricing.   Years of experience has taught me what can and can't be negotiated with other vendors and this, along with my established relationships with certain vendors, definitely benefits my client's event budget.  Industry professionals such as myself also have the resources to obtain products and services available only "to the trade."  Another advantage of a planner is that drawing from experience, a good planner can budget an event effectively and figure out the most efficient and creative ways to scale back without sacrificing the original design for an event.

Everyone is affected by the economy….and yet we all can work together to create memorable yet tasteful parties! The event professional you select should be easy to work with and offer personalized service so that you can relax, be a guest, enjoy your party and savor the lifetime memory!


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