Invitation Postage by Guest Blogger Rachel Hyman

Today's guest blogger is Rachel Hyman of Paper JAM.  Paper JAM is a member of our Party Favorites Portfolio.  Paper Jam was selected as a member because Rachel offers a wide range of invitations and stationary products in a range of price points.  Paper JAM is also makes the process easy because Rachel  comes to you so you can make your selections in the comfort of your own home.

When choosing an invitation, remember that your envelope choice can drastically increase your postage. Many invitation samples are shown with upgraded envelopes and you may not realize the extra costs that will ensue later at the post office. While square invitations are a nice and unusual option, square envelopes require extra postage. Vertically addressed envelopes help create a dramatic presentation with invitations lifting straight out of the envelope, but these envelopes also require extra postage. If you are looking to cut costs somewhere, this is an easy way. Standard envelopes for any non-square invitation are addressed horizontally and require standard postage based only on weight. With a coordinating liner the standard envelope provides a lovely first impression without breaking the bank at the post office.

xoxo  rachel

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