More on Video Montages by Guest Blogger Leslie Kern

Today's guest blogger is Leslie Kern of Kern Creations. Kern Creations is a member of the PARTY FAVORITES PORTFOLIO. Kern Creations was selected to be part of the PARTY FAVORITES PORTFOLIO because Leslie puts 125% of herself into each montage that she creates. Her unique montages tell stories and touch hearts.

The length of your montage is a very personal decision. Some clients want their montage to be a major element of their celebration; others want it to be short and sweet. Acritical factor to consider deciding how long to make your montage is the age of your audience.

For an audience of kids, shorter is better.  A good rule of thumb is no more than 45 seconds per year.
However, for older crowds, longer is fine. Consider a 70th or 80th birthday celebration. Attention spans are much longer, and besides - it is hard to wrap 80 years of photos into 10 minutes of video. For older crowds, tempo, organization and music selection are far more important factors than length.

xoxo leslie

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