Tips for Choosing a Photographer by Guest Blogger Robert Bowen

Today's guest blogger is Robert Bowen of Robert Bowen Photography. Robert is a member of the Party Favorite's Party Portfolio. Robert is one of our FAVORITES because his reputation for distinctive and artistic photography is backed by his genuine passion for his work and his desire to always exceed his client's expectations.


Among the most important decisions a bride and groom will make is choosing the right photographer. With the invention of the digital camera, the number of “wedding” photographers has gone up dramatically. Sifting through all of the web sites can be a daunting task. Experience is critical when it comes to choosing a wedding photographer as you only get one chance to capture the day.

When it comes to photograhy studios, there basically two types. The small, customer service oriented one like mine, where I handle everything from the initial meeting, to photographing the event, often with one or two additional photographers, to designing and presenting the album to the client. The other type of studio is much larger where one person will make the sale, another person will photograph the event, another person will edit the event, another person will design the album and finally someone will deliver the album. Often times, the photographer who will photograph the event is not known until a short time before the event. When looking at these larger studios, it is very important to make sure that you meet the person who will photograph the event and look at their work and have their name put in the contract.

In addition to choosing an experienced photographer, it is important to choose someone with a diverse portfolio. The buzz word in today’s environment is “photojournalism”, but I believe you need environmental portraiture, detail photographs, candids as well as photojournalism to properly cover the event. Below are a few collages that illustrate the different styles...

All images via Robert Bowen Photography.

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