Special Event Secrets...Custom Event Logos

One of the Special Event Secrets to creating a fabulous event is to create a Custom Logo which will "brand" your event. Whether your event is a Mitzvah, Destination Wedding or Baby Shower, a Custom Logo will tie together all of the finishing touches of your event. At PARTY FAVORITES, we love working with our clients to create Custom Logos.

The creative process is simple...before we begin to design anything, we take the time to talk to our clients about their events and more importantly we take the time to listen to their thoughts and ideas for their logo. Every client is unique and every client has their own vision. Some brides are looking for a traditional monogram while others are looking for a monogram with a modern twist. Some mitzvah tweens want a logo modeled after their favorite sports team or clothing brand while others want something a little more funky. After our initial conversation, we take a few days to create and then present our client with up to three initial options. In most cases, our clients love all three options and have a hard time choosing their favorite. If that is not the case, we use these options as a reference point and work with the client to "tweak" it to perfection. It is so important to us that every client absolutely LOVES their logo.

Since PARTY FAVORITES creates favors and finishing touches, we understand how to create logos that will print well and print cost-effectively. Since most favors are screen-printed, it is important to remember that the more colors that you have in your logo, the more expensive it will be to print. Most logos can be designed creatively in one or two colors to keep cost down.

When PARTY FAVORITES is hired to create a logo, we charge a flat fee which is presented to our client after our initial conversation and before any creative work begins. Our logo creation fees generally range from $50-$100. Once a client pays the fee, they OWN their logo. That means that they can give the logo to their lighting company to create a custom gobo, to their entertainment company so that it can be flashed on plasma screens and to their videographer so that it can be used in the DVD packaging. The possibilities are endless and each possibility is a fabulous finishing touch.






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