Ordering Invitations by Guest Blogger Rachel Hyman

Today's guest blogger is Rachel Hyman of Paper JAM. Paper JAM is a member of our Party Favorites Portfolio. Paper Jam was selected as a member because Rachel offers a wide range of invitations and stationary products in a range of price points. Paper JAM is also makes the process easy because Rachel comes to you so you can make your selections in the comfort of your own home.

One thing I always stress to clients is the importance of buying invitations from someone in person – not online. Papers vary so much in weight, texture, color, edge cuts, etc… that you must feel the paper before making a decision. Ink/lettering is also a concern when ordering online is the ink raised or flat, is the depth or vibrancy of the color ink you see online the same as it will be in person on the color paper you have chosen? The issues and uncertainties of ordering online are not worth the risk. Look through invitation albums, feel different papers, see different styles, and make an informed, educated decision.

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