It is so important when you plan an event, whether it be a wedding, mitzvah, or shower, that you put together a team of trusted professionals who will be able to take your vision for your special day and turn it into a reality. Your team may include a party planner, videographer, photographer, lighting company, hotel, florist, rental company and more. With so many different elements involved in your special event, it is so important that you choose team members whose styles and personalities are compatible with your style and personality. Remember, you are hiring these people to make your life easier and the planning process enjoyable.

Assembling your Dream Team may seem like an overwhelming task. In the age of the internet, it is possible for anyone to create a website full of bells and whistles and call themselves a special events professional without much practical experience. We created the PARTY FAVORITES PORTFOLIO to assist you in creating your team. We have done extensive research on the DC special events industry and the professionals who we have included in the PARTY FAVORITES PORTFOLIO.

The PARTY FAVORITES PORTFOLIO divides the special events industry into several categories (ie.photographers, venues, invitations, party planners) and each category features (or will feature) four very distinct vendors each with their own unique personality and specialty. We believe that not every vendor (no matter how fabulous their reputation) will work well with every potential client. Just because your friend may have had a great experience with one vendor doesn't mean they are the right fit for you and your event. Personality and style are key factors to consider when selecting vendors for your dream team. For example, a party planner with a strong personality may be perfect for a person who needs a lot of creative ideas and hand-holding, but not so perfect for a client who has a type-A personality and their own definite opinions. Our PARTY FAVORITES PORTFOLIO gives you options in every category. Since our PARTY FAVORITES PORTFOLIO members guest blog regularly on FAVORITE THINGS (, you have the extra opportunity to get to know these special event superstars and their work, making it easier to figure out if they are a good match for you and your event.

So if you are putting together your own event Dream Team, be sure to take a look at our PARTY FAVORITES PORTFOLIO. (Keep in mind we are filling it slowly to insure the right mix of special event professionals. If you have had a fabulous experience with someone who is not a portfolio member please let us know-we are always looking for new talent.) If you want more information about a portfolio member you can contact them directly through the link on their PARTY FAVORITES PORTFOLIO page or feel free to contact me for more insight. Choosing the perfect Dream Team for your event will make the event planning process enjoyable and your event seem effortless.

xoxo  lisa

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