All American Guest Blogger Tom Trainor

Today's guest blogger is Tom Trainor of Suburban Video.  Suburban Video is a member of the PARTY FAVORITES PORTFOLIO.  We selected Suburban Video as PARTY FAVORITES PORTFOLIO member because although Bill Bowen and his team been capturing DC-area events on film for 25 years, their work remains some of the freshest and most current in the industry.

Matthew was the “American Boy”. Using the hit single by Kanye West, “American Boy”, Matthew starred and danced in his own MTV-style video with Kanye West to get the party hopping. After his Bar Mitzvah ceremony, Matthew kicked off his party at the Four Seasons Hotel by starring and dancing with Kanye West in his own MTV-style video. Using creative special effects editing and time lapse video, this concept video set the pace for the entire party. Sound Connection (Andy Kushner Entertainment) provided the music that kept the party rockin all night. Sue Katz (Distinctive Events) beautifully orchestrated the party, which will create memories that will last a lifetime for Matthew.

Click the cover of Matthew's DVD above to see Matthew's MTV-style video.

Tom T

For more information about Suburbarn Video, click here.

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