Chiavari Chairs are one of the most popular types of chairs for events such as weddings and mitzvahs.  In most cases, Chiavari Chairs are an upgrade from the chairs that your venue provides.  Your venue can arrange to rent them for you (making delivery, pickup and all of those extra details their responsibility) or you can rent them yourself from a local event rental company.  We surveyed several event rental companies who service the DC area and we found that rental prices range anywhere from $6.00-$9.00 plus delivery.

These elegant chairs are so versatile-they can complement many types of decor.  White Chiavari Chairs can be fabulous for a romantic, shabby chic wedding, gold Chiaviari chairs give an elegant feel to a formal event and black Chiavari chairs would be great for a more modern mitzvah. 

If you choose to use Chiavari Chairs, you will need to select chair pads (also available from your event rental company).  In most cases, these are included in the price but be sure to check with the rental company.

Chiavari Chairs are a stylish option on their own, but they can also be "dressed up". Take a look...

Elegant on their own...

or extravagantly adorned...

photos courtesy of Wildflower Linens

xoxo lisa

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