A FAVORite...the new ipod nano

I am a lover of all things Apple so when Apple introduced the new NANO I became obsessed.  Naturally, as the mother of a 13 year old, my first thought was that the new Nano would make a perfect Bar or Bat Mitzvah gift.  I obsessed a little more over this fabulous device and I had an even more brilliant thought - the new NANO would make a perfect wedding party gift.

So now after lots of obsessing, here are 5 reasons why a new IPOD NANO is the perfect gift for every member of your wedding party....

1.  Order the new IPOD NANO from www.apple.com and Apple will engrave a custom personal message on each NANO.

2.  Since the new NANO has a built in video camera, your wedding party can video so many precious, personal moments that your videographer may not be around to capture - the rehearsal, the rehearsal dinner, the bridal luncheon, hair & make-up, the (official or unofficial) afterparty, brunch the day after...the possibilities are endless and everyone's personal video clips can be easily shared through the magic of email, You Tube, Facebook and your official wedding website.

3.  Personalize this great gift even more by loading it with meaningful music - think back to those 80's mix tapes that you made for all of your BFFs.  (if you are under 30 then you probably you have no idea about what I am talking about so just fill each NANO with a few of your favorite songs.)

4.  Add a few "wedding themed movies" - Father of the Bride, The Wedding Singer, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, The Runaway Bride, 27 Dresses, My Best Friend's Wedding.

5.  Record a personal message to each member of your wedding party with the new Voice Memo feature.


xoxo  lisa

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