The Escort Card vs. The Place Card by Guest Blogger Danielle Couick

Today's Guest Blogger, Danielle Couick, is a member of the Jodi Moraru & Associates (JMA) team.  Danielle brings more than 10 years of experience in the food and events industry, including 5 years as a Senior Wedding and Event Consultant at Windows Catering Company to JMA.  Jodi praises Danielle's out of the box thinking, creativity, and organizational skills.  Danielle works with both her own JMA clients as well as with Jodi's clients.  

The Escort Card vs. The Place Card… what do you mean?
They are the same thing. Right?!


As a member of the Jodi Moraru & Associates (JMA) team, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share with you some ideas, thoughts, anything else that strikes my fancy from the event world! At JMA we believe that every event is unique and that you are our inspiration for your event. Who knows what we’ll come up with next!

Over the years I’ve been asked a lot of questions. What wine goes with this dish? Should I use gardenias for personal flowers? How much should I tip my vendors?  All of these are very great questions, but there is one that I hear almost weekly: But why do I need an escort card and a place card? They are the same thing right?

Unfortunately this is a very common misconception. They are in fact different. I tell my clients to look at it this way: When you, as a guest, pick up your escort card and it says: John Smith, Table 1. It is “escorting you to your table”. Once you arrive to your table there is a place card at a setting: “John Smith”. This card is “placing” you at your seat. Then I get the look of, “uggg, that just seems like a lot of work, and do I really have to choose someone to sit next to Crazy Uncle Ted!?”

In most cases you don’t need both, and you can leave the selection of their neighbor up to your guests, you would just provide an escort card. This holds true if you are serving a single entrée, dual entrée, French service or a buffet (where everyone is receiving the same meal). You don’t need to include place cards in this situation unless you like the formality of it or you want to add it to the tablescape.

However; if you are offering your guests a choice of entrée for a seated meal, you will need them. These cards, while they may seem like a lot of work or insignificant, they actually serve a very great purpose. They can be as conspicuous or inconspicuous as you’d like in letting your service staff know which entrée your guests have selected without going person to person asking “fish or the beef?”. Nine times out of ten, your guests have no clue what they RSVP’d to 8 weeks ago and they may change their mind and want “uhh, what she’s having?” Save you, your guests, your waitstaff, the kitchen and your wallet the headache of guessing. 

Please stick around for part two, where I continue this discussion and let you in on some of my favorite displays over the years. Everyone on the JMA team is passionate about something, we all have our “favor”ite part of each event. Some love lighting, some love the desserts, me… I love the escort card table.

Life is an event, so celebrate!

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