Creating Fabulous Event Decor by Guest Blogger Terri Bergman

Today's guest blogger is Terri Bergman of Terri Bergman Events. Terri is a member of our Party Favorite's Portfolio. We selected Terri Bergman Events for our Party Portfolio because of Terri's experience, knowledge and creativity. We love her "do whatever it takes" attitude. Following are Terri's thoughts on event decor...

When planning the décor for a Mitzvah, I love creating an environment rather than a specific theme.  It is so important for your event's environment to reflect the guest of honor’s personality as well as focus on the type of party the client wants to have.

For example, Basketball has been done a thousand times, and lounges have been a huge trend over the last few years.  Why not combine a "basketball theme" with a lounge, or if basketball is the main focus but you want to avoid being too "themey"..step out of the box ..just a bit ..and use the colors and textures that emulate basketball..but don't make the them so “in your face!”  Subtle touches can be creative and fun resulting in something unique…while the guest of honor has their dream “theme”.

Restaurants are also a wonderful inspiration for décor…recreate the atmosphere of your favorite restaurant for your can even serve your menu favorites.

There are so many avenues to explore when creating your décor...don't be afraid to think out of the box to create your signature event.

xoxo  terri

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