Meet our newest PARTY FAVORITE...Today's Guest Blogger John Farr

John Farr, the namesake of John Farr Lighting Design is the newest member of the PARTY FAVORITES PORTFOLIO.  We selected John to be part of the PARTY FAVORITES PORTFOLIO because other special event professionals as well as his clients rave about his ability to take event decor to a new level with his lighting expertise and creativity. 

I love cool applications for lights, for me part of the charm and wonderment stems from an almost magical sense that the light is coming from nowhere. Want to add a colorful twist to your event that will make your event stand out above the rest? This event used Color Kinetics Color Blast lights to light up the façade of the building outside adding elegant lighting to the architectural features of his home. The installation used 8 Color Kinetics Color Blast 12 lights with a power supply and a controller.

The lights were placed approximately two feet in front of the facade and were concealed from view in planter beds. The lights were evenly spaced three feet apart and focused upwards. The Color Blast 12 fixture can easily throw the colored light the distance of 30 feet which was required for this event. Using this design the designer will be able to choose different custom light shows that meet their desires. During the event they can change up the lighting effects.

I’d love to see some more designs that use LEDs since they are good for the environment and look good, as well. I have a few events in mind in the next few months utilizing the portable nature of LEDs, so we’ll see what I can come up with.

Stay tuned.


Click here for more information on John Farr Lighting LLC.

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