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The PARTY FAVORITES PORTFOLIO is so happy to welcome our newest addition, Jodi Moraru of Jodi Moraru & Associates.  We invite you to enjoy Jodi's first guest blog post and then click the link below to find out more about her event planning company.

Hi everyone-

It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to share some things about my company, Jodi Moraru & Associates. I think what you will find that is most prevalent to us (the JMA team) is that everything we do comes from inspiration from our clients.  This relationship is one that we build with you so that we get to know you, to understand what makes you happy, to know what moves you and all the special nuances about your unique selves. Inspiration, not trends, is how we are able to create memorable events that reflect you, our clients’ personalities, style and way of living. It’s the inspiration that you provide that enables us to tell your story as you celebrate the special occasions in life.

Some of my favorite details that don’t often make it to the picture pages of our website have been:


1.   The Wishing Rock Garden:  Each guest wrote a one word wish on a rock that would later be put into a  special garden as a reminder of the love and support that surrounded the wedding couple on their special day. It’s  my favorite thing!

2.   Custom cocktail napkins with different sayings:
         a. “Eat, Drink and Be Married”:  for the cocktail hour and passed hors d’ oeuvres
         b. “Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!”:  as the wedding cake was served
         c. “Chocolate Martini”:  instead of eating dessert- why not drink it!
         d. “Dance the Night Away”:  passed with late night munchies and desserts

3.    Red Kaballah strings:  These were a great touch sitting next to the yarmulkes that were ordered from Israel. Guests wanted more than one!

4.    A Cappella Groups: the offer a nice change from a traditional jazz or string ensemble during cocktails.

5.    Mini PB&J sandwiches that were passed around during the cocktail hour. They were a nod to one of the brides’ favorite foods when she was a child.

6.    Using LED lighting to change the mood during dinner.  In an all white room, as each course changed, so did the color of the room.  Very effective and subtly stunning!

7.    End of the Night Apple Pies – straight from the recipe of the groom who wooed his wife with it. The pie, recipe and personal note all attached.  Great presentation and so yummy too!

8.    Bride and the hot pink balloon – dramatic, quirky statement and great photos!

9.    Lollipop sorbet intermezzo. Rather than serve an intermezzo in a dish, The chef custom made this into a great presentation – sorbet lollipops.

10.  Welcome and toasts, not with champagne or wine, but a fun shot – ie “Love on the Beach” J  The guests went crazy for this!

11.  Charity bowls:  No favors please! just a donation to the charity of the guests choice.  We set up three bowls with a description of each charity and the guests fill out a card with their names and drop it in the bowl.

12.  Photo booth fun!  Another reason to smile.

13.  Water.  Really.  Let’s face it, at the end of an amazing celebration where you’ve been eating, drinking and dancing the night away – you are thirsty! Bottle of water to-go hits the spot and is always appreciated.

Life is an event, so celebrate!


Click here for more information about Jodi Moraru & Associates.

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