10 FAVORITE THINGS by John Farr of John Farr Lighting Design, LLC

Meet John Farr of John Farr Lighting Design, LLC.  John is a member of our PARTY FAVORITES PORTFOLIO.

  1. Describe yourself in 3 words...Carefree,Thoughtful, & Dork
  2. If I weren't in the special events industry I would be...Racing Cars
  3. What do you love about your job? Putting a smile on someones face.
  4. Three must haves when working an event are... a good attitude, proper tools, pre-planning
  5. Last book I read...Clive Cusslers "the Wrecker"
  6. If I could have one "superpower" it would be...Invisibility
  7. The T.V. character I am most like is...Superman
  8. Favorite things to do in my free time are...Race, Travel
  9. Favorite color...Red
  10. One last random thing you should know...As a DCFD Paramedic I delivered 10 babies (1 on Constitution Ave,in a car, in front of the National Archives).

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