Your Event Budget by Guest Blogger Terri Bergman of Terri Bergman Events

Today's guest blogger is Terri Bergman of Terri Bergman Events. Terri is a member of the Party Favorite's Party Portfolio. We selected Terri Bergman Events as a member of our Party Portfolio because of Terri's experience, knowledge and creativity. We love her "do whatever it takes" attitude and we love her modern approach to event decor.

Everyone planning an event has a budget. You may have $5,000 or you may have $150,000, but regardless you still have a budget.  Your planner should be able to establish perimeters for your budget, even if you have no idea where to start and are overwhelmed by the entire process of spending so much money for a 5 hour party!

Always start backwards from your total budget and first subtract out the cost of your venue and your food.  Then you can figure out what items are the most important for your event…music, entertainment, décor etc. and spend accordingly.  A good planner can help you to determine those priorities then recommend the appropriate vendors.

It is so important that when you establish a budget that you stay there.  It is so easy to get carried away in the moment and then completely lose track of your spending! The next thing you know, you are over you allotted funds and have to start scaling back-that is when disappointment usually follows.

When you are working with a planner, everything should be in writing from your various vendors- contracts, proposals, etc.  For example, you receive and approve a décor proposal and then the vendor begins to create. You should never be in the dark and not have any knowledge of costs.  Under no circumstances should there be any surprises!

When you stay within a budget and let a professional guide you to make sure that your event is within your means, it takes an incredible amount of stress off of you and makes the planning process enjoyable. This way you lifetime celebration is just that...a celebration!

xoxo  Terri

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