A FAVORite...Videography

One thing that I've been hearing lately from both brides and mitzvah moms is that they are going to save money on their event by cutting out the video.  My response...BIG MISTAKE!

Think about it this way...how amazing would it be to be able to travel back in time through the magic of video and see your parent's wedding? or your grandfather's bar mitzvah? 

Still photography is so important in documenting all of the magical moments of your event, but with video you can capture all of the nuances that make you special day so magical - the sights and sounds of your event are forever archived.  I think that when people are planning an event they get caught up in the elements of their event that provide instant gratification - the decor, the food, the entertainment, etc.  These are the elements that many feel are important in making a celebration special.  Many brides and mitzvah moms are so caught up in all of the planning that life after their celebration is unimaginable.  In all of this planning craziness, it is easy to overlook the fact the your wedding or mitzvah will be over in an instant.  After months, and sometimes years of planning, one of the the greatest events of your life will be over in just 5 hours and all that is left are your memories.  As time passes and memories fade, it is such a wonderful gift to yourself and your family to be able to watch and relive everything from the toasts and well wishes of great friends to the dance moves of your most uncoordinated relatives.  These moments are priceless.

Whether you choose a to hire a videographer who can produce a video with all of the bells and whistles of the latest digital technology or a videographer to simply document your event, the choice is yours.  Many videographers offer clients a short 5-10 minute "Highlight Reel" along with their full 2-hour video.  I think that this is an option definitely worth considering.  It is hard to share a 2-hour video, but the "Highlight Reel" makes it much easier to share your celebration with friends and family. 

So if you are one of those brides or mitzvah moms who was considering "cutting" the video to save some money, I hope you will put some more thought in your decision- the value of precious moments from one of the greatest days of your life captured on video is truly priceless.


xoxo  lisa

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