a FAVORITE...Seating Cards in a Bottle

photo via Martha Stewart Weddings

I love this seating card idea from MARTHA STEWART WEDDINGS.  These "Seating Cards in a Bottle" would be so perfect for a destination wedding or a beach themed mitzvah celebration or sweet 16.  They are such a fabulous finishing touch.

This creative seating card idea is not only adorable, it is also easy an inexpensive to create.  Just purchase miniature cork topped vials - you can find them at SPECIALTY BOTTLE. On a 2"x 3" piece of paper write your guest's name on one side and their table number on the opposite side.  Then roll the paper with the name facing outward, slide it into the bottle and cork it.

To display your "Seating Cards in a Bottle", fill a shallow glass container with sand and arrange the bottles so that the names are visible.  Then scatter small seashells to add to the beach theme.  If you have a large event, you can use several glass containers and organize them alphabetically.


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