Special Event Secrets: 5 Ways to Cut Costs for Your Event

photo via Jodi Moraru and Associates

Are you overwhelmed by the costs associated with planning your dream wedding or mitzvah?  You are not alone. 

Before you begin your planning, it is important that you set an event budget that you are comfortable with.  Your event should absolutely not leave you ready to declare bankrupty when it is all over.  It shouldn't even cause you huge financial strain for the months and years to come.  With proper planning, your event will be special whether you choose to spend $5,000, $50,000 or $500,000.

There are many ways to save money when planning your event. The trick to a fabulous affair is understanding where you can save so you will be able to splurge. 

Here are 5 of my FAVORITE ways to cut costs...

  1. Cut your guest list...more guests mean more food, alcohol, centerpieces, tables, chairs, etc.  Tone your grand affair for 250 down to an intimate but equally lavish event for 125.
  2. Choose a venue that includes tables, chairs, china, flatwear, waitstaff and more.  Many people believe they will save money with a backyard event but the truth is that tents and event rentals can make this a more expensive option.
  3. Choose a venue that does not need a lot of decoration.  If you don't want a "hotel ballroom" feeling but do not have the money for the extensive decor required for a total transformation, then don't choose a hotel as your venue.  Many art galleries, clubs and restaurants offer unique event environments.  A modern wedding at a hip, cool gallery will require minimal decor but still have plenty of ambiance.
  4. Have your event on a Sunday afternoon instead of a Saturday night.  Many vendors will work with you on price if you are not booking them for their "prime time". 
  5. Skip the champagne toast.  Don't add champagne to your budget, let guests toast with whatever they are drinking at the time of the toasts.

Do you have any creative ideas for cutting costs?  I'd love to hear them.


xoxo  lisa

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