Coming Together In The Big Blizzard of 2010 by Guest Blogger Geoff Chesman

In our rush of day-to-day activities we may see networking as a way of building our business. You may casually connect with someone on a social networking site, or talk with someone at an industry-related cocktail reception.

Nothing creates a good old-fashioned bond like a blizzard! I was fortunate to be stuck with Terri Bergman, of Terri Bergman Events and Tom Bowen, of Thomas Bowen Films all weekend in DC for Lauren’s Bat-Mitzvah.

When the client was insistent on having the event, snow or not, frantic phone calls and coordination from Terri earlier in the week ensured that the party would go on. If you were going to travel through a snowstorm for a Bat-Mitzvah party - this was the one to do it for: Jeffrey Fox and his team at Capital Decor and Events, along with florist Rick Davis from Amaryllis arrived a day early to complete setup before the bulk of the big storm arrived.  The team from John Farr Lighting Design set the mood with lighting.

Tom and I made our way to DC and hunkered down at the Holiday Inn Georgetown Friday afternoon so we would be close enough to get to the synagogue in the morning. Early Friday evening left many wondering if the predictions of snowpacalypse would really hold true. Saturday morning left no doubt.

After dusting off Tom’s Hummer (rented for the weekend) we made our way up Wisconsin Avenue to pick up Terri and bounded through the barely plowed streets to the synagogue.

We left plenty of time for getting stuck, but made it through without a hitch and spent the next 15 hours together. About 70 people showed up for the service and luncheon  - an ABC News crew even showed up to film a human-interest story “Bat-Mitzvah in a blizzard.”

Then it was killing time until the evening dinner and dance party. Terri pitched in with the under-staffed caterer, Joel Wolke and his team from Occasions Caterers, who made sure that when the guests did arrive, they were rewarded with a delectable feast for both the eyes and taste buds.

During the downtime before the event, Tom and I ventured out in the hummer to pick up two key members of the band, Prime Time from Washington Talent who were stranded at a hotel nearby. They joined the rest of the crew plus Dancers and MCs who got the whole crowd partying. 

The kids got a bonus -in addition to the special activities provided by Carbone Entertainment - Lauren's friends received flannel boxers or pants to take home, customized by Lisa Schneider of Party Favorites. In all approximately 150 guests made their way to DC and enjoyed a spectacular evening.

In between, we all had plenty of time to talk and goof around - and eat! I know that this experience further solidified the bond I had with these two great friends and event professionals and will provide stories for years to come - or at least until the next big blizzard!

Take a look behind the scenes...

Despite the blizzard, it was an amazing Bat Mitzvah celebration for Lauren and her family...



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A Bat Mitzvah in a Guest Blogger Tom Bowen