10 FAVORITE THINGS by Tom Trainor of Suburban Video

Meet Tom Trainor of Suburban Video.  Suburban Video is a member or our PARTY FAVORITES PORTFOLIO.

  1. Describe Yourself in 3 Words...Friendly, Creative and Fun.
  2. If I weren't in the special events industry I would be...directing short movies, music videos or documentaries.
  3. What do you love about you job? It’s never the same.  Every event has something new and exciting.  I also love the people in this line of work.
  4. Three "must haves" when you are working and event are...fun bride and groom (or subject), beautiful locations and good lighting.
  5. What is the last book you read? Do TV guides count?  Seriously, “The Ravaging Tide” by Mike Tidwell.  Local writer who discusses the affects of Global Warming.
  6. If I could have one "superpower" it would be... Everyone says to be able to fly.  I’m going to say to be able to go anywhere in time.
  7. The TV character I am most like is...Jim from The Office.
  8. What are your FAVORITE things to do in your free time? Watch movies, play basketball, hiking, social gatherings, eating out, editing, watching football.
  9. FAVORITE color? Blue
  10. What is one last random thing that you want people to know about you?  I have a huge Labrador retriever who is the size of a small Pony and he is a sweetheart.


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