Making Your Mitzvah Celebration Unique by Guest Blogger Brian Wasser

Today's Guest Blogger is Brian Wasser of Electric Entertainment.  Electric Entertaintaiment is a member of our PARTY FAVORITES PORTFOLIO.  We are so impressed with Electric Entertainment.  Partners Geoff Sokol and Brian Wasser specialize in Mitzvahs and seem to know exactly what DC-area tweens AND their parents want from an entertainment company.

Every child is different, and each deserves a party that truly reflects the individual personality and style of his or her own.  Plus, with so many parties every weekend, you really want your special celebration to stand out.  There are many ways to incorporate elements of a great, high-energy party why ensuring it remains unique to you, your family, and your friends.

If your child and/or your family members are pretty outgoing, consider performing a choreographed dance at some point during the party.  Or, maybe just your daughter could perform a dance with a few of her friends, choreographed by one of your entertainment company’s dancers.  It could be performed right after the introduction, and would certainly be a unique element your guests will remember, plus focusing the spotlight on the guest of honor.

Think outside the box for a unique venue.  Many area museums, art galleries, clubs, and restaurants rent out space for social events.  We have performed at Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, the Reagan Building in DC, Tommy Joe’s bar/restaurant in Bethesda, Dave & Buster’s, the Rockville Sportsplex, and even FedEx Field!  Although hotel ballrooms and country clubs certainly provide ample space, great food, and a wonderful atmosphere, looking into a different or unique venue might set the stage for a memorable event tailored to your theme.

Utilize lighting and décor to truly create an overall atmosphere, and not just to “be there.”  Engulfing your guests in the party’s theme can really create a unique and memorable party.  Try incorporating the theme from the beginning, in the invitations, the cocktail hour, and all the way through the party.  Regardless of your theme, we have many ideas that can help to incorporate that theme through every element of the party.

Create a unique party favor that either matches your party’s theme or your child’s personality.  For a beach theme, give each child a custom beach towel!  For a music theme, how about a customized iPod case, or for a sports theme, a custom hat or jersey?  A simple internet search can provide numerous ideas of customizable favors that your guests will love.

Try something unique with your entertainment.  Of course, a high-energy DJ, MC, and dancers are a must, but if you love live music, add a live percussionist or saxophonist to play with the DJ, creating a unique combination.  You can hire actors to play famous roles for a Hollywood theme, or bring in belly dancers for an Arabian Nights theme.  If it’s a club theme you’re after, have breakdancers perform or teach your guests some moves and incorporate lounge-style furniture into the décor.  For a more traditional or religious entertainment experience, use the Amazing Bottle Dancers to add a unique element, or hire a magician to add some “sizzle” to the celebration.  Any of these unique entertainment options and complement your main entertainment and be a memorable addition to the party.

Most importantly, remember that there is no “right and wrong.”  Your party should be a celebration and one that reflects what your family is all about!  Think outside the box and feel free to be unique.  Your guests will thank you!



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