Aftersoles are a FAVORITE!  They are a shiny SOLEution to stiletto-induced sorrows at the end of an evening.  Aftersoles are stylish, compact ballet flats that were carefully designed to roll up neatly and fit into the smallest evening bags or jacket pockets.  Whether you are at a club, wedding, mitzvah or other celebration, when you can't take the pain of your high heels anymore, you can just unroll your Aftersoles and put your fashionably fabulous heels away in the cute shoe bag that comes with every pair of Aftersoles for safe-keeping.  These "funk-tional" flats, available in black, silver and gold, will give your feet more time on the dance floor and give you a more comfortable trip home.

Aftersoles fold up to the size of a cell phone.

Attn brides...At $14.95 per pair, Aftersoles make a great little gift to your bridesmaids, or you could splurge and provide them as favors to all of your female guests.  A pair of Aftersoles would also make a great favor for a bridal shower, and let's not forget how perfect they would be as bachelorlette party favors.

For Mitzvah moms, Aftersoles are a much more fashionable alternative to the socks that all of the thirteen year old girls trade their heels in for on the dance floor.  (Yes-I admit that my shoes have been so uncomfortable by the time dessert is served at many Mitzvahs, that even I have resorted to taking a pair of bright colored polka dotted socks - a serious faux pas in a fabulous "grown-up" cocktail dress).  With Aftersoles standing by in my purse, I now have a fashionable alternative for comfortable yet stylish footwear at any point in the evening.

For more information about Aftersoles, CLICK HERE to visit their website.


xoxo  lisa

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