Plasma Walls for Your Mitzvah Celebraton by Guest Blogger Brian Wasser

Today's Guest Blogger is Brian Wasser of Electric Entertainment.  Electric Entertaintaiment is a member of our PARTY FAVORITES PORTFOLIO.  We are so impressed with Electric Entertainment.  Partners Geoff Sokol and Brian Wasser specialize in Mitzvahs and seem to know exactly what DC-area tweens AND their parents want from an entertainment company.


Not only have video montages become increasingly popular, but innovative technology allows us to truly integrate video enhancements to any party, including music videos, custom animations, live footage, and text messaging.  The coolest way to enjoy these visual enhancements is on HD plasma screens, and our plasma wall blows everyone away!

We suspend four 42” or 50”  plasma screens in a 2 X 2 matrix on vertical trussing pieces.  This creates a video wall more than 6’ wide and 5’ long.  Using specialized cables and video splitting hardware, we can utilize the video wall in 2 ways: each plasma screen can operate independently, or we can connect the four screens so they act in harmony as one huge plasma screen!  Then, we can show your video montage, live video footage, custom animations, music videos, and text messaging for everyone to see, even including clips that match the party’s theme (for instance, at a Maryland Terps’ themed party, we showed clips of the most famous moments in Terps history on the screens…National Championship game anyone?!)

The plasma wall offers several advantages to ordinary projection video screens.  First, the plasma wall operates with a small footprint because the 10-15’ of projection space ordinary needed for a video screen isn’t there with the plasma wall, yet the overall viewing area is similar in size.  Second, there’s no denying the “awesome” element of the plasma video wall.  Although skirted video screens are elegantly displayed, the plasma wall adds a unique and visually stunning addition to the party.

Of course, many combinations are possible.  A 3 X 3 plasma wall can be created, or we can flank 2 additional plasma screens on either side of the dance floor with the plasma wall in the center for full room coverage.  If you’d like video to become an important part of your celebration, the plasma wall is certainly the way to go.



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