A New Kind of Dance Floor by Guest Blogger Brian Wasser of Electric Entertainment

We’ve all seen the tan colored hardwood dance floors at nearly every event we attend.  And there’s plenty good reason, as they provide an adequate dancing space and are very reliable.  However, the dance floor is often an overlooked area of décor, and with technology rapidly changing, there are many ways to turn an ordinary dance floor into an extraordinary spectacle all its own.

First, consider using a non-traditional dance floor.  Some unique and popular styles include an all-black dance floor, all-white dance floor, or a black-and-white checkerboard dance floor.  These floors are just as portable and sturdy as the hardwood variation, but provide a subtle element of style and class that hardwood simply doesn’t have.  For an elegant black and white themed event, either of these styles incorporates the dance floor as part of the décor element, instead of just “being there” for the sake of dancing.  Plus, the shiny finish on most black and white dance floors is beautiful.  Finally, should you choose an all-white dance floor, you can use intricate lighting systems to illuminate the white dance floor, letting it glow and change colors with the energy of the party.  I’ve never seen a hardwood dance floor do that!

Another unique and perhaps more affordable option is a white, or colored, vinyl covering.  These are rolled out on and adhered to a standard hardwood dance floor, completely changing its look.  We’ve incorporated these coverings to actually decorate the dance floor and enhance the party’s theme.  For a sports theme, imagine a dance floor with vinyl covering printed to look like a regulation basketball court or hockey rink.  For a tropical theme, how about a dance floor covered to look like the beach, or for a Candy theme, transformed into the playing board from Candyland.  All of these images are possible using vinyl covering.  You can also take a unique and simplistic approach with vinyl covering.  At one recent event, we used sleek white vinyl with a custom image printed in the center and covered the entire dance floor with it.  Thus, the dance floor was sleek white, but the guest of honor’s name and party-themed logo was printed in the center.  We illuminated the floor from the ceiling, allowing us to spotlight the center logo or wash the white floor in glowing color.  The possibilities are endless!

Finally, the most stunning and advanced dance floor involves LED technology.  Although quite expensive, imagine dancing on a floor continually changing colors and designs using embedded LEDs – just like the LED screens you see at the hottest arena concert.  The LEDs can even be programmed to write text across the dance floor or move in patterns, producing specific shapes.  A simple Google search for “LED dance floor” can show you some ideas.

I think using a unique dance floor provides two incredible benefits: first, it incorporates the most important and heavily used part of the party room into the theme and décor!  But also, a unique dance floor will instantly attract your guests to that part of the room, enticing even the wallflowers to at least visit the dance floor for part of the party.  And once your guests are there, a great entertainment company will keep them there, providing a packed dance floor all night long!

But even during dinner, an empty dance floor will still look pretty cool.



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