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Today's Guest Blogger is Brian Wasser of Electric Entertainment.  Electric Entertaintaiment is a member of our PARTY FAVORITES PORTFOLIO.  We are so impressed with Electric Entertainment.  Partners Geoff Sokol and Brian Wasser specialize in Mitzvahs and seem to know exactly what DC-area tweens AND their parents want from an entertainment company.

Have you ever been to a concert and seen a cool video presentation played before the band or artist comes on stage?  It sets the scene for the spectacle that’s about to happen, and builds up excitement before “they” take the stage.  The introduction of a Mitzvah guest of honor at the party can have that same energy and stunning effect with a video introduction.

Weeks before the party, we will storyboard an idea for the video introduction, incorporating your party’s theme into the mix.  Then, with some input from the guest of honor, we film a fun and unique segment preparing the star for the party.  Using complex video and green screen technology, we really have flexibility as to where the star is and what the star is doing “before” the party.  The 2-3 minute video clip will end with footage of the star finally arriving at the party.  Then, at just the right moment, the guest of honor will “burst” through the entranceway, timed perfectly with the ending of the video.  Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it?

If you’ve ever been to Maryland Madness and seen the video entrance for Gary Williams, or at Verizon Center, seen the clip shown before the cheerleaders run onto the court, that is the basic idea.  A fast-paced, very cool video about the guest of honor getting ready for the party, ending just as the guest of honor actually arrives.  The video can be shown either on large video screens or plasmas displayed by the dance floor, culminating in the guest of honor running through the main doors at the right time.  Or, for a more unique and effective approach, the video can be shown on breakable screen material stretched across the ballroom doors, ending with the guest of honor literally breaking through the screen at the right time for his or her entrance.  Imagine the “wow” factor this delivers!

A video introduction certainly provides a memorable event at the party, but it’s also a fun and exciting thing for the guest of honor to do before the party.  Plus, you get to keep the video clip forever.  Consider using a video introduction as a unique element to really kick-start your party.




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