Electric Entertainment's DJ Times International DJ Expo Experience

One of our FAVORITE entertainment companies, ELECTRIC ENTERTAINMENT recently returned from the DJ TIMES International DJ Expo and guest blogger Brian Wasser shares their amazing experience...

Every August, hundreds of DJ’s, MC’s, dancers, and entertainers take over the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City for the DJ Times International DJ Expo and Exhibit Hall. Not only is the convention a great way to network, but informative seminars and an innovative exhibit hall let us learn from the best and bring back unique elements to implement into your events. But, there’s no question that the “highlight” of the week is the International DJ of the Year Competition, and two of our MC’s were Top 10 finalists!! We are proud to announce that Brian and Carlos were the ONLY act from the DC/MD/VA area to make the finals!

MC Brian and MC Carlos took the stage in front of nearly 300 industry veterans and fellow MC’s and DJ’s. As the only dual MC act, their energy was infectious and contagious! They performed a routine involving one of our favorite contests, “Generation Gap,” and incorporated their MC style and unique approach to interactive events. The crowd went nuts! Although MC Brian and MC Carlos didn’t win the judges’ award, they won the respect and accolades of the industry.

After the performance, at least 10 different MC’s from the Philly/NY region came up to Brian and Carlos, telling them that they “had the competition won” and how they couldn’t wait to use “Generation Gap” at their events the following weekend! Not only that, at a celebration dinner after the competition, Brian and Carlos got a standing ovation and round of applause from a table of DJ’s that saw the performance. We are so proud of Brian and Carlos for showing the NY crowd that DC knows how to party!

Many seminars involved unique marketing and sales tactics, but the most entertaining seminar was the “Interactive Games and Dances showcase.” There, dozens of performers from across the country taught some of the newest dances and craziest games/contests. We are excited to bring a few of the secrets we learned in Atlantic City back with us to show all of you at your upcoming celebrations.

Finally, we couldn’t leave the convention without a few purchases! Most notably, our brand new LED light curtains. Check out the other NEWSflash article for a detailed description of how these curtains can add a unique touch to your party. We also bought a small, compact LED light show for our daytime clients or other clients that want a simple, yet affordable way to provide some lighting spark on the dance floor. Visit our website soon to see what that’s all about!

MC Brian, MC Carlos, DJ Geoff, DJ Chris, and dancer DeAngelo had an amazing time in Atlantic City, and are excited to be the ONLY Mitzvah entertainment company in the DMV that participated in the entire convention. Can’t wait for next year!



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