Looking For The "Special" Element by Guest Blogger Brian Wasser

Today's Guest Blogger is Brian Wasser of Electric Entertainment.  We are so impressed with Electric Entertainment.  Partners Geoff Sokol and Brian Wasser specialize in Mitzvahs and seem to know exactly what DC-area tweens AND their parents want from an entertainment company.

I've written many times about incorporating lighting and video elements to "spice up" any
celebration, but there has always been a part of the affair I seemed to neglect. Well, today it gets the spotlight: special effects! It might seem like a broad category, but there are a few special
effects that I think can really provide a memorable spark to a unique celebration.

First, we just bought a brand new set design involving LED curtains! These curtains are so
unique, they got their own article in NEWSflash, but to give you an idea, these black 20’ X 13’
curtains have dozens of individuals LEDs space throughout. We have the ability to computer
control the LEDs, creating hundreds of colors, patterns, and scenes using seamless transition
technology. These are great as a backdrop behind the DJ, incorporated in the décor for a VIP
lounge, or anywhere a unique lighting elements could enhance the atmosphere.

We also just recently purchased a set of two high-powered confetti cannons and, although it was
an impulse purchase, after seeing what they could do, we knew we had to have them! Imagine
your guest of honor walking into the ballroom for his or her grand entrance, and just at the right
time, during a peak crescendo in a song, a burst of streamers and confetti in colors matching your
party theme explode over the dance floor, drifting down in a visually-stunning effect over all of
your guests. I don’t have to explain how cool it looks in photos and video! Plus, it’s a simple
element that all of your guests will remember. Some may think it’s not worth the effort, but
confetti shots are a relatively inexpensive way to add some “pop” to your party, and I usually
recommend having the venue or caterer simply sweep up the confetti during the first course or
dinner. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, but the impact will last the entire party.

Another cool special effect is called “Dancing on a Cloud” and is an amazing effect for a
sentimental moment of your party. At a Wedding, it’s perfect for the First Dance, or at a Bat
Mitzvah, it sets an incredible scene for a Father/Daughter dance. Imagine dancing in the center
of the dance floor, while our special low-lying smoke machine emits a beautiful white cloud
that cascades over the dance floor. A special chemical keeps the cloud close to the ground, so
the effect truly looks like you are dancing on a cloud. Plus, this special machine ensures it will
never set off any fire alarms or cause any damage whatsoever. It creates a breathtaking scene for
photos and really adds to the emotion of the special day.

I’ve saved the best, and most elaborate, for last, because it’s fun to talk about, even though I
understand it’s not the most practical. However, indoor pyrotechnics are certainly “do-able”
and provides for a spectacle your guests will never forget. I’ve seen them used in two ways:
shooting from the top of the centerpieces, or erupting from the corners of the dance floor, both
usually during the grand entrance. I’ll be honest and say I don’t know exactly what something
like this would cost, but our friends at Digital Lightning have done it before and we’d be happy
to contract it out for anyone – especially because I’m a fireworks junkie! It might only last a few
seconds, but the impact is stunning. Just a thought…

There are plenty more special effects that can combine with your lighting, video, entertainment,
and décor to set your party apart. If you can imagine it, someone can do it! Just ask.



CLICK HERE for more information about Electric Entertainment.

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