Postage Rates INCREASE April 17

Is it almost time to mail the invitations to your Wedding, Mitzvah or other special soiree?  If you have already purchased your postage or if you want to save a few cents (every penny counts when trying to stick to a budget), be sure to get your invitations in the mail by April 16th.  On April 17th USPS rates will increase in many categories.  While one-ounce First Class stamps will remain at $.44, several other postal values which are popular for invitations will increase. For instance, the rate for postcards (a popular option for RSVP cards) will increase from $.28 to $.29 and First Class Postage for up to 2 ounces will increase from the current rate of $.61 to $.64. For a complete listing of all of the postal rate increases, CLICK HERE.

And while I am on the topic of postage, isn't the USPS's new Neon Celebrate Forever $.44 stamp (pictured above) so fabulous? 


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