FAVORITE FAVORS...Boxercraft's Give Me A V Hoodie

New for Fall 2011 from Boxercraft and already a FAVORITE FAVOR among the Bat Mitzvah set...the GIVE ME A V HOODIE.

This fabulous new take on the ever popular "Hoodie" favor combines the classic look of a hoodie with the great, lightweight feel of a favorite tee.  They make great favors for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and Sweet 16s.

Available in fuschia, heather grey, navy, white and black, this Hoodie looks fabulous imprinted with an event logo. 

So if you order this fabulous favor for your female party guests, what do you do for the boys? Most of my clients are sticking to t-shirts (both long and short sleeve) or traditional Gldan hooded sweatshirts for the boys.  These days it is very common to have one favor for the girls and another for the boys. That way you can create something unique for everyone to walk away with that they will want to wear over and over again.

For more information and pricing on GIVE ME A V HOODIES for your event, CLICK HERE.


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